Coming This Summer: A CBD Drink For The Energetic

Are you looking for a massive energy surge?

CBD drinks are now making their way into the hands of many CBD enthusiasts because of the potential health benefits it offers. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill Act, CBD is now federally legal with not more than 0.03% of THC. 

CBD energy drinks are gaining traction because it satisfies the need for energy without any jitters of imbibing crazy sugars into your system.

So, what is CBD?

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is one over a hundred cannabinoids naturally occurring from the hemp plant. The primary reason why a couple of people are seeking CBD products is the perceived health benefits it may offer. 

What are the CBD energy drinks?

Recently, CBD is being used as a method to boost energy without taking any supplements. CBD energy drinks have specific ingredients explicitly meant to provide a massive energy surge. The most common ingredients include caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, and much more.

Benefits of CBD energy drinks

  • Improved energy
  • It allows you to receive the benefits of CBD while gaining a powerful energy boost to take your adventure to another level.
  • CBD energy gives consumers more alternatives in terms of how to ingest CBD. While some people don’t fancy CBD-infused drinks and topicals, CBD energy drink provides a better choice.
  • CBD energy drinks are known to give a sharper focus and clarity.

Where to buy CBD energy drink

Are you looking to boost your lost energy?

The struggle to find an energy boost is real if you have busy schedules and several to-do-lists. Perhaps you’re a sports enthusiast or an activity junkie, CBD energy is a game-changer! 

This summer HealthiCanna will be launching a new CBD energy drink available for retail and wholesale purchase. Get the pure energy that you crave. The HealthiCanna CBD energy drink has a light, fruity taste plus focus mix drink that is perfect for preparing you for that tough workout, sports, or an adventure. Unlike coffee and other caffeinated products, the CBD energy has extended effects to keep you energized for long without jitters.

HealthiCanna’s packet of 12.5mg of CBD and 75mg of caffeine is a perfect way to stay energized throughout the day. The drink will keep you calm and relaxed at the same time, promoting a sense of alertness. 

HealthiCanna CBD energy is a trailblazer of CBD energy. With the many CBD benefits, including relieving post-workout pain, anti-inflammatory, and all the benefits that people need. When you want to wind down after a big adventure or workout, you can ease out with HealthiCanna CBD energy drinks. HealthiCanna is currently accepting pre-sale wholesale orders from a limited number of retail shop owners both ecommerce and brick and morter CBD stores. For more information contact HealthiCanna today!

Final Thoughts

CBD infused energy drinks are a perfect way to imbibe CBD into your system without any jitters of consuming chemicals and sugars. Besides, It’s an excellent option for people who don’t like other methods of ingesting CBD.